Alubokhra, the most popular spice around the world that is usually used for making dishes delicious. It is a juicy fruit with the sour taste which belongs to botanical Rosaceae family. Various types of Alubokhra are produced in different parts of the world, on the basis of environment and weather variation these fruits obtain different shapes and colors. Aloo bokhra is produced in the middle of  May and September almost in every country in the world, but it produces much in China, Japan, USA, UK and many European countries. The cultivation of the fruit has started commercially in our country recently, but the high price of this fruit makes the user amount limited.

Alubokhra is used in cooking for adding more taste and flavor in cooking. In our country biriyani, roast, rezala, bhuna khichuri, Kabab remain incomplete without the use of it. Besides that, we can make borhani, sharbat, salad, jam, jelly etc. with this fruit. Its sour and sweet taste combination makes food so delicious and appealing to everyone.  The sharbat of Aloo bokhra is very good for health during summer; it is useful in reducing body fatigue.  Alu bokhra is a significant source of vitamin A, C, E and D. Vitamin A is beneficial in keeping your eyes healthy and other vitamins are helpful to keep your body healthy. It has average of 46 calories in 100 grams, which are little less than other fruits and it can help you to reduce weight.  By removing all the complexity of the digestive system, it increases the digestive power and the fiber of it simplifies all the process of the body system. This fruit is particularly beneficial for the heart; its antioxidant helps to reduce cholesterol and keep blood circular normal. Our bones are eroded with the age; Alubokhra prevents this loss and strengthen the bones. It’s really beneficial for diabetics’ patient, regular use of the spice reduce glucose in blood and keep body insulin normal. It also prevents cancer by destroying cancer cells in the body.

Alubokhra is also useful as a beauty product, it prevents age marks, protect skin from wrinkles, acne, spots and any kind of skin diseases. It protects your skin from the sun, removes dark spots, and brings natural glow to the face. Aloo bokhra will help you to care your hair too, it prevents hair fall, repairs damage hair and removes dandruff.  It makes your hair glossy, thicker, soft and keeps the natural color of the hair.

Alubokhra is not only good in taste; it is good for health also. Eat this beneficial fruit daily and stay healthy.

Source: Wikipedia

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