Adulterated Spice


In the Indian subcontinent, the use of spices in cooking begins during the Mughal period. Different spices have different flavors and smell. Thereby, the taste of different flavors brought from different spices to the food. Taste is the main ingredient, but the nutritional value of spices is not less. It is a major food ingredient that combats gastric disorders, digestive problems, kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.


Adulterated Spice

Adulterated Spice

In the past, Spices were crushed and made suitable for cooking. Now we get spices as packaged food ingredients in the market. The condition of these spices is so miserable in the grip of dishonest people. Its taste and gravity is losing due to chemical and color effects. Adulterated spice is dangerous for health. One of the very familiar spices in our kitchen is pepper powder. Some traders mixed Kaun and brick powder into it. This report is found from the research of BSTI. Kaun, which is a type of grass known as bird food, it is being used in the name of spice.

The use of chemicals and colors in spice has increased the threat.  Yellow color is used in making Turmeric powder. A report from the Consumer Association of Bangladesh found the use of gourd and coriander powder along with wood powder that is making poisoned spices.

On the other hand, the price of spices has increased by increasing the price of raw materials at a geometric rate. Cinnamon, cloves, bayleaf, jayaphol, red beans are being taken out of the existing essential oil and sold it at a high price. The spices which are being given to us in the name of the spices are the shells and barks it does not contain taste and aroma. Less effective for Health.

Adulterated spice can lead to severe bowel problems, gastric, difficult diseases like ulcers even cancer. Dr. Md Jahidul Rahman says consuming adulterated spice can create the problem of gastric and finally causes cancer. Even Hepatitis and kidney failure might happen.

Besides, spices are also made in a damp environment, as well as bacterial and fungal germs. The risk of adulterated spice is more for children than for adults. It is interrupting the physical growth and mental development of children, reducing their immune system. With the use of contaminated spices & food during pregnancy the child of her womb can be born impaired and inferior. There is also the possibility of miscarriage and maternal complications.

To save us, we should find out safe sources of Food. The habit of cultivating vegetables in the house or house roof can also keep you safe from adulterated food.

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